Today’s Miss America

By Cara Mund, Miss America 2018

Miss America serves as a representation of what it means to be a woman in today’s society. She is clothed in perseverance, determination, and humility. She does not strive for a monarchy but rather for equality. She surrounds herself with empowered women who seek each day to support one another. 

Miss America is authentic and genuine. Her spirit is contagious and her influence is inevitable. Her light cannot be created, forged, or duplicated. When faced with unexpected doubt and uncertainty, Miss America only becomes stronger. 

Miss America continuously strives for greatness. Her power and influence stems from her education. When she walks into a room, she knows how to immediately captivate the attention of her audience. She is a scholar, servant to her community, and an advocate for change.

Miss America can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. She is liberated, independent, and inspired to make a difference. She is not defined by the title she holds but rather by the service she renders, the impact she makes, and the lives she continuously seeks to better. Her crown jewels are found within her servant heart and educated mind.

Miss America does not focus on fitting into glass slippers; she’s determined to shatter glass ceilings. She does not sit upon a throne and hope for change but rather rolls up her sleeves and takes the initiative to create it. She can be found standing up for what is right when everyone else chooses to sit down. Although her reign only lasts a year, her impact lasts a lifetime.


** The content of this post was originally intended to be published in the 2018 State Field Books. Cara was told it “wasn’t what they were looking for.”